(Fred) At the time Saddam Hussein was on trial and I was obsessed with how he looked and acted. Very much like an aging rock star. He reminded me of a combination of Pete Townshend and Joe Strummer. I just pictured him playing guitar in that nice suit jacket. I wanted to do something where he was being interviewed about music. Carrie just came up with the name of the show and host as we were shooting it. Jeff Buchanan did a great job in editing it and doing all the effects and titles.

(Carrie) We filmed Boink one day during the summer in 2004. Fred flew out to Portland and we hung out for a few days coming up with ideas and shooting many sketches as we could. We used Corin and Lance's basement for the set. Our friend Jeff Buchanan shot and edited it. I think Corin did some of the shooting as well. Fred had done a Sadam Hussein skit before and wanted to work with it further. I decided to be a hapless yet earnest host of a cable access music show. We wanted the pairing to be preposterous yet to not ever acknowledge the fact that it is.

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