Feminist Bookstore

(Fred) There's a thrift store near Carrie's house that has some amazing stuff and has become kind of our wardrobe department. Also, the flyers in the video are real. We were going to make up our own, but when we went to a local bulletin board to get some ideas, we found everything we were looking for. We don't actually know any of the people we are describing. We just kept trying to come up with stuff. 

(Carrie) We picked out so many outfits for this skit. We went to a thrift store a few days before the shoot and combed through the aisles looking for anything lavender. I think we purchased even larger, browner, sweaters than what Fred ends up wearing on screen. Fred found the wigs at a local wig shop. The fact that I would be wearing a long black wig was news to me, he picked it out. I don't think I could have done the skit without the wig, I was using it like a life preserver. I laughed during most of the shoot; I couldn't take Fred seriously with that hair. Chloe from Reading Frenzy helped us out last minute and let us film there. Emily, who plays the customer, let us into the store after-hours and was kind enough to wait around until we were done. Patrick Stanton shot this and Doug Lussehop edited it.

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